Qualities Essential for Managers


The work environment is something which changes continuously and we must learn to adapt to it. The change is also applicable for work role of different employees. It is good to accept changes rather than refusing it. The role of a modern day manager demands so much from him. Being a manager is not about managing tasks only, you must learn other things to upgrade yourself. Mangers are considered as the face of a company and they represent a particular company. Leading a company is not a simple task. There are so many things directors expect from their managers. Here are some essential qualities managers should have


This quality is essential for any kind of mangers. The task of showing a group the right way to develop and achieving that with them is something mangers should know how to do. There will be hundreds of obstacles which a manger is operating with group. It is his job to remove to obstacles to make a smooth path for his employees. Fearing a manger is no longer considered to be a leadership quality. His relation with employees should be based on respect and trust. It is not about commanding, it is more about showing the right way and help others to achieve that.

Being Smart

A manger should be an all-round smart person. It has been seen that most managers are not that well acquainted with technology. It creates a fear among them, there is no need to keep away from technology. The right approach is to accept technology. You don’t have to be a highly technical guy to be a manger, but keeping touch with technology is essential. Getting to know about new things makes managers a smart person. A manager should be a smart person, that’s how other employee should see their mangers.


Setting Example

As a leader manger should set example for their subordinates. Being a leader is all about small task which others will remember. There is nothing wrong with helping subordinates with small things. It may be a small thing for a mangers level person, but an employee will remember that for some time. So managers should collaborate with his team. That is how the progress of a team is decided. When a team lead by an exceptional mangers develop, eventually the directors will notice. So, self-improvement along with team improvement by setting example is necessary for a manager.

Admitting Mistakes

No one is perfect in the world, it goes for mangers also. It is quite alright for a manger to have flaws. There is no need to hide those, it is better to embrace those flaws and letting others know. Accountability and transparency are the primary condition for a company to develop. There is nothing wrong with managers being vulnerable at something as long as he is trying to improve that condition. Working in an office is not like practicing for military war. Admit your mistakes and let others know that there is nothing wrong with admitting those. It is the right way to set example for your subordinates.